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Hello There! My name is Dr. Allana Da Graca and I am here to help you reach personal and professional goals. As a former teacher, I was let go of my teaching position and formed a profitable business that shows experts, leaders, consultants, and change agents how to create programs, digital courses and high end experiences.

Due to the dedication we have to see our clients reach their goals, they have

  • Leveraged their earning power 

  • Authored books

  • Designed digital programs

  • Created e-commerce programs 

  • Elevated leadership skills

  • Mastered digital competencies

Our constituents are not only participants but leaders who contribute to the networking and mastermind experiences within our Spark Community

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About Dr. D

Welcome to the inspiring world of Dr. Allana Da Graca, a visionary leader and relentless advocate for personal and professional empowerment. Born in the vibrant yet challenging neighborhood of Roxbury, Massachusetts, Dr. Da Graca's journey is a testament to the transformative power of resilience and education. From her early days immersed in books to her academic pursuits at prestigious institutions like Emerson College and the University of Massachusetts Amherst, she has consistently used her passion for the arts, poetry, and philosophy to fuel her drive towards self-actualization.

Dr. Da Graca founded Turning on the Lights Global Institute in 2017, aiming to ignite a spark of possibility in everyone she encounters. Through her innovative programs such as the International Women Build Confidence Conference, Business Communication Mastery, and Women Build Confidence, she has guided thousands towards realizing their dreams. Her work extends beyond the classroom to significant collaborations with organizations like the Boston Public Library, Small Business Strong, Score Boston, Necina, Harvard ed Portal, Fisher College, Bentley University, Bank of America Webinar and more where she has served as a beacon of strategy and inspiration.

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A celebrated TED speaker and a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 executives worldwide, Dr. Da Graca's influence spans across continents, touching lives and reshaping futures. Whether through digital storytelling at prestigious universities or strategic workshops during the pandemic, her commitment to fostering creativity and leadership is unwavering.

Dr. Da Graca is also a highly sought-out podcast leader, hosting the "Upgrade My Life and Biz Podcast," where she shares invaluable insights and strategies to help individuals and businesses elevate their potential.

Join Dr. Allana Da Graca as she continues to empower, educate, and inspire, proving that with creativity and persistence, anyone can turn their lights on and achieve the extraordinary.

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Spark Wins

“I started an online math tutoring business. Dr. Allana has a way to make you feel like you can share your business without being salesy."

Sandy Handrick

Only 26 percent of small business owners use social media as a part of their digital strategy to scale their business. One of the first things you can do is prepare to give your constituents what they need.

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I have spent more than 27 years serving students, fortune 500 leaders, change agents and entrepreneurs with digital tools to strengthen their communication strategy. In order to meet the demands and challenges of today, we must build heart centered businesses that integrate authentic engagement and growth. As your persistence guru, I have developed programs for individuals at every stage of business. 

Signature Programs


  2. Women Build Confidence 3.0

  3. Business Communication Strategy

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