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Web 3.0 PREP

Welcome! I want you to have an unrecognizable year. That is why I cannot work with everyone. As an expert who loves helping my clients with digital strategy, communication, curriculum design, hybrid program design and online frameworks for small business owners, I want to stand with you in your desire to help your constituents. I believe it takes a triad approach of new media, ideation and clarity to leverage your outcomes. 

That is why TOLGI has re-designed our outlook for 2023 and beyond. We want to help our constituents prepare for the Web 3.0 world. This digital transformation calls for the design of solutions that will help solve complex problems. 

We want to see our clients collectively make more than 1 million in revenue as they serve their constituents from a heart-centered approach.

Our Goals:

1. Expand our #IWBCC VIP Network

2. Equip our leaders with exclusive opportunities 

3. Remove tech overwhelm for Small Biz Owners

*So if we meet, it is because you fall in alignment with the TOLGI SPARK. I look forward to meeting with you.


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