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Yes 3.0
Executive Program

Where Communication Meets Innovation

Overcome workplace challenges, embrace web 3.0 leadership, and achieve ROI magic. 

Elevate Your
Executive Game


Executives today face an array of challenges in the rapidly evolving business landscape. They are tasked with navigating internal communications within their teams, engaging in high-stakes conversations, and closing critical contracts to ensure the profitability of our organization. In this era of Web 3.0, effective leadership and communication strategies that seamlessly integrate new media, social media engagement, and digital execution are imperative for success.


#Yes3.0 is designed to address these challenges head-on by offering executives a deep and masterful exploration of the core elements of effective communication. This program is particularly appealing because it focuses on four key areas: 

Aha Moments with Stellar Executives

Case Study Spotlight

Entrepreneur in Residence,
Kirstein  Innovation Center

Dr.Allana Da Graca worked with the Boston Central Library, the BPL FUND and Nasdaq as the first Entrepreneur In Residence for an 8- month tenure. She worked to initiate core trainings, structure the EIR model and offer 1 on 1 mentorship to entrepreneurs around branding, e-commerce, sales and communication. 


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