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6th Annual
International Women Build
Confidence Conference
Dr. Allana Da Graca

Join the Upgrade-A-Thon Fest and  the

6th Annual International Women Build Confidence Conference

July 19th, and July 20th

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Dr. Allana Brings the #IWBCC  Conference to the DMV

Upgrade Your goals with TEDx speaker,

Dr. Allana Da Graca. Learn how to stop procrastination and become the best version of yourself in 2024! Join Thought leaders, experts, coaches and the #IWBCC50 tribe to catapult your goals in 2024

Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Artists,Upgrade Your Personal and Professional Goals. 

Are you ready to take your personal and professional journey to new heights? Join us for the 6th Annual International Women Build Confidence Conference in the vibrant DMV area!

Led by the esteemed Dr. Allana, this conference is not just an event—it's a transformative experience designed to catapult you towards your goals. Picture yourself surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs, leaders, and change agents, all committed to unlocking their full potential and making a lasting impact.

In this Web 3.0 era, it's essential to equip yourself with the skills and mindset necessary for success. At our conference, you'll do just that and more. Say goodbye to limiting beliefs as you uncover your true purpose and establish your "why." Together, we'll ignite new financial goals and develop strategies tailored to your unique journey.

But that's not all. Our conference goes beyond traditional seminars and workshops. Through immersive real-world simulations, you'll gain invaluable hands-on experience, preparing you to tackle any challenge with confidence and grace.

Don't miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to see your results skyrocket. Join us at this intimate colloquium and embark on a journey of empowerment, growth, and success.

Apply today to reserve your spot and take the first step towards a brighter future!


This 2-day retreat experience is meticulously crafted to provide world-class education, networking opportunities, and hands-on activities for individuals ready to elevate their personal and professional goals in the AI marketplace. From immersive simulations to expert-led workshops, participants will leave feeling empowered, inspired, and equipped with the tools and strategies needed to thrive in the digital age.

Our Agenda






July 19th, 2024


Stories of Courage

Listen to the courageous stories of courage from #IWBCC50 tribe members. Listen to Dr. Allana share the entrepreneurship journey she had to build the #IWBCC tribe and the tolgi experience.

Connect with entrepreneurs, leaders, and change agents at this annual event. 

  • Welcome and Introductions

  • Featured Speakers

  • Keynote Address by Dr. Allana Da Graca: "Empowering Yourself in the Digital Age"

  • Overview of the Retreat Agenda and Objectives


July 20th, 2024


Morning Session:

  • Business Track: Explore strategies for leveraging AI in business, including marketing, sales, and customer engagement.

  • Mashup Track: Collaborative workshops where attendees from diverse backgrounds come together to brainstorm innovative ideas.

  • Design Your Digital Promo Kit: Hands-on workshop to create compelling digital promotional materials.

  • Meet with UX Collaborators: One-on-one sessions with experienced UX designers to optimize digital user experiences.

Pre-Lunch Session:

  • Sales and Negotiations: Learn effective techniques for closing deals and negotiating contracts in the digital marketplace.

  • Making Business Fun: Discover ways to infuse creativity and joy into your entrepreneurial journey.



Networking  Enjoy a delicious meal while connecting with fellow attendees and industry leaders.

After Lunch Session

  • Triad Digital Communication Hacks: Learn cutting-edge communication strategies for the digital marketplace.

  • Action Based Colloquium: Engage in interactive discussions and exercises to identify and overcome digital communication challenges.

  • Personal Development Track: Breakout sessions focused on enhancing personal growth and mindset shifts for success in the digital realm.

Late Afternoon Session:

  • Fireside Chat with Dr. Allana Da Graca: Dive deeper into topics related to personal and professional development in the digital era.

 Building Momentum

  • Personal Wellness and Development: Interactive sessions focused on maintaining balance, managing stress, and prioritizing self-care in a fast-paced digital world.

  • Reflection and Goal Setting: Guided exercises to reflect on learnings from the retreat and set actionable goals for the future.

Closing Session:

  • Celebration and Capstone: Toast to your achievements and newfound insights as you prepare to take your digital journey to the next level.

  • Closing Remarks

Watch The Five Mile Equation Talk

    TEDx speaker, educator and persistence guru, Dr. Allana Da Graca shares her insight about how to push past fear and procrastination. She provides insight and strategies to individuals yearning to up-level their personal and professional lives.


    This business communication expert understands the challenges of being a thought leader with undefined goals. Determined to overcome these personal setbacks, she said, "I will upgrade my life!" In this book Dr. Allana describes steps that readers can take to push past their obstacles. This guide helps readers push past self-doubt and attain personal success.

    This 21-day guide and journal will help you upgrade your life, re-set your personal and professional goals. When you are leading a vibrant life, you will find that you can, quantum leap your results and design a blueprint for personal and professional success. That’s right. Showing up in your confident self allows you to ignite the genius within. It is time for you to Upgrade!

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