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Embrace Your Unique Path: Celebrating the Genius Within as an Entrepreneur

Hello Spark Fam:

Today's blog post is all about celebrating the genius within you. Many of you know that we have launched the International Women Build Confidence Conference 50 program, also known as the #IWBCC50 initiative. This initiative aims to empower entrepreneurs, leaders, and women to realize that dreams can come true with strategy, motivation, and community.

As entrepreneurs, we often look to local television networks, read books about famous people, and admire those who seem technically savvy. We hope that by being close to these individuals, their energy and wisdom will rub off on us. However, one thing I have recognized more and more since the pandemic is the need for every entrepreneur to understand their unique value. Each of us has unique fingerprints, offering something special to our industries. Sometimes, this uniqueness can be overshadowed by the programs we join, the books we read, and the latest techniques we learn, drowning out what makes us truly unique.

In my experience, I have met wonderful people in various industries who disappointed me when I met them in person. They either lacked authenticity or were more focused on transactions than genuine connections. This realization took the wind out of my entrepreneurial sails, leaving me feeling sad, defeated, and numb in my area of passion. I began to question the point of my efforts if people weren't authentic.

However, this period of reflection allowed me to reconnect with myself and ask what I was truly seeking through all my learning. Was I seeking validation? Hoping to be picked out of the crowd? Wanting someone to provide all the answers to my vague questions? I realized that I have the responsibility to become the best version of myself. It's up to me, even if I look up to certain mentors and people who may disappoint me. Your dream is truly up to you. You may be in programs, learning, and modeling different things from your mentors, but remember to stay true to your core values. You may not have a famous name on a book yet or be noticed by famous people, but that does not diminish the motivation and impact you can have on someone else's experience.

One thing that helped me out of my dejected state was to wipe the slate clean. I recognized that it's okay to stop and reflect on the years and times I have spent teaching, training, and developing thousands of students and leaders over a 28-year period. I realized it is up to me to stay true to the core values I want to build my business on, and I want to encourage you to do the same.

As a coach and business advisor, I have met many individuals who felt like the wind had been taken out of their sails. I want to encourage you to look at those moments as some of the greatest teachers you could ever have. Use those experiences to remind you of what you value and what you won't do as a business owner. Remember, there are millions of people around the world looking for solutions. Even if you have been disappointed by those you esteemed or supported, you can always make the decision to wipe the slate clean and run your business in a way that is most authentic to you. In the end, we all have unique fingerprints.

One exciting thing I found was how we came together during a LinkedIn audio event to support one another. I took away three key points from that event:

  1. We don't have to be in isolation.

  2. You can maintain your unique values and interests while celebrating those of others.

  3. When your business becomes more natural to you, you will be able to persist longer.

Success cannot only be defined by revenue. There can be someone with much revenue in their business but no inner peace or restful sleep. The challenge of upgrading your life and business is ongoing, but it is possible. Remember to keep your authenticity.

Since the pandemic, the game has shifted, and having an online presence is crucial. With the advent of ChatGPT and other AI tools, it is important for experts and leaders to learn how to use these tools without substituting them for the content they should understand through their research or industry expertise. I have seen many people call themselves experts without a deep understanding of their field. One individual regretted calling herself an expert because she felt she was misleading people as a life coach without a deep understanding of mental health.

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It is possible for you to share your genius. Most experts and leaders are so busy doing what they do best that they forget people online are looking for them. I want to remind you not to forfeit giving people information about how to access your knowledge. Don't forfeit learning how to market and share who you are because too many people are suffering without your support. Consider creating that book, designing that course, or getting on that stage so people can finally see you. Join my Upgrade-A-Thon series to learn how to share your genius.

Three Solid Tips:

  1. Embrace Your Uniqueness: Recognize and celebrate what makes you unique. Your individual experiences and perspectives are your greatest assets.

  2. Stay Authentic: Always stay true to your core values, even when learning from others. Authenticity will help you build genuine connections and a loyal audience.

  3. Leverage Technology Wisely: Use AI tools and online platforms to enhance your presence, but ensure you have a deep understanding of your field to maintain credibility.

In conclusion, the journey of entrepreneurship is filled with highs and lows, but it is in these moments of reflection and challenge that we find our true strength and unique value. By embracing our individuality, staying authentic, and leveraging technology wisely, we can create a lasting impact in our industries and communities. Remember, your genius is needed, and your voice matters. Keep pushing forward, stay true to your core values, and continue to share your brilliance with the world. Join us in the Upgrade-A-Thon series to learn how to amplify your genius and make a difference.

I joined the tribe to grow my business. I now close 95% of new contracts." C. Costa, Boston

Dr. Allana Da Graca

Turning On the Lights Global Institute

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