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Day 2: Affirmations

This morning I declared these things:

  1. I am done living as a victim on my job.

  2. I am done with living in fear.

  3. I am done with procrastination.

  4. I am done being a slave to food.

  5. I am done living without purpose and direction.

I recognized these needed reframing and so my UPGRADED affirmations are:

  1. I am VICTORIOUS in EVERY situation on my job.

  2. I am living fully in and by FAITH and HOPE and POSITIVE EXPECTATION.

  3. I am taking BOLD, SWIFT, COURAGEOUS, and COMPLETE actions.

  4. I am ENJOYING eating well and on purpose when I am hungry.

  5. I am INTENTIONALLY living out God's plan for my day and my life.


Good morning Geneva. This is IWBCc general group. I added you to inner circle. Let me post the private group here



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